The Most Important Vitamins for Women

If you happen to be a woman, you have to take care of certain specific nutrients in your daily diet because your physiology is much more complex than that of a man. Though all vitamins are essential, there are certain vitamins that are more important than the others during pregnancy, menopause and elderly stage of life. Vitamins are also important in balancing hormones. But then the question is, which vitamins you should take in a particular case.

Vitamins Important During Pregnancy and Postnatal Lactation

Folic acid is a vitamin that the expecting mother must take. It prevents birth defects and anemia; folic acid is essential for a healthy pregnancy. If you are expecting, take 600 mcg of folic acid daily.

Vitamin B6 regulates hormone levels in the body and maintains the balance of brain chemicals. A strong immune system is very important, and this vitamin improves immunity. Take 2 mg every day.

Vitamin B12 relieves depression and helps the nervous system. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Women are advised to take 2.4 mg of vitamin B12 per day. Calcium, iron and vitamin D are also required in adequate quantity to maintain bone health and hemoglobin levels.

Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant and immunity booster. Ensure that your daily intake of vitamin C is no less than 100 mg. Avoid taking higher doses of vitamin A, it may be harmful to the fetus.

Vitamins for PMS

Premenstrual syndrome makes women feel anxious, depressed, uncomfortable, and it severely affects their quality of life. Vitamin B1 (thiamin) and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) significantly reduce the risk of PMS. Thiamin and riboflavin have an effect on the brain neurotransmitters which are linked with PMS.

Vitamin B5 and B12 are known for reducing stress and preventing anemia. The alpha-tocopherol form of vitamin E reduces nervous tension. Research has also demonstrated that vitamin E reduces psychological symptoms and boosts self-esteem.

For stronger bones, maintaining adequate calcium level is very important. Vitamin D helps you in this regard by absorbing calcium and phosphorus from the foods you eat.

Vitamins That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

A growing number of evidence suggests that vitamin D plays a vital role in prevention of breast cancer. Vitamin D induces cellular differentiation and apoptosis in the cancerous cells. Women with adequate vitamin D are 45% less likely to develop breast cancer. Sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D.

Vitamins for Women Over 50

After the child bearing days of your life are over, many physiological changes occur in the body. You need to supplement your diet with certain vitamins to meet your increased nutritional requirements.

Vitamin D is extremely important at this stage of life. It is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D is also important in prevention of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Consider taking 500-700 IU of vitamin D daily.

Recheck your diet if it contains vitamin E. It is an important anti-oxidant that prevents your body from free radicals. Vitamin E also takes care of your skin and hair, and keeps them healthy. Scientists have shown that vitamin E is a important in prevention of cataract, heart diseases and certain types of cancer.

After the age of 50, immune system begins to decline gradually, exposing you to a high risk of diseases. So, your diet should contain something that can boost your immunity: vitamin C.

Vitamin B-complex keeps you stress-free and energized. Members of the B-complex family, especially vitamin B12 improve your memory, relieve depression and maintain proper digestion of foods.

Take sufficient quantity of foods that provide you right vitamins addressing your medical conditions, age, hormonal levels and overall health.





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