The Top Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin C has often been labeled as the wonder vitamin. There are so many benefits that come from Vitamin C that everyone wants to be sure they are getting enough. Still, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to whether to take a supplement or not. Is it possible to get plenty of Vitamin C from your diet alone? What you may not realize is that if you have a deficiency of Vitamin C, it will go beyond not reaping the benefits that come with it. You will actually experience Vitamin C deficiency symptoms that affect your every day health. It is important to watch for these symptoms and, if you find you have them, supplement your diet with the proper amount of Vitamin C.

One of the biggest and best recognizes symptoms of low Vitamin C is fatigue. Those who are not getting enough of the vitamin will find that they are overly tired. You will lack the energy that you need to complete daily tasks and you will not understand why. Even if you are sleeping plenty at night, you will find that you are struggling to make it through the day.

Among the Vitamin C deficiency symptoms is suffering from mood changes. You may begin to discover that you become irritable quite easily. Things that normally wouldn’t have bothered you seem to do so now. Your temper is shorter than it used to be and others are noticing that you just seem a bit grouchier than you did before. Most importantly, there will not be any reason for your sudden change of mood that you can explain.

Weight loss is another of the symptoms of low Vitamin C. If you suddenly drop a lot of weight without really trying then you might want to see if something is wrong. It is not common to have a sudden weight loss that you can’t explain. The same is true with joint and muscle aches. You might find that you have pain that does not go away in your joints or limbs. You may discover that you have an overall body pain. Even headaches can be a symptom.

There are other symptoms that you may experience. They can be combined together or you may only experience one or two. Some things to watch out for include:

  • Easy bruising when you have never had it before
  • Problems with your gums
  • Excessively dry skin and hair that you aren’t accustomed to
  • Recurring infections that seem to come from nowhere
  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Scurvy

While these are all symptoms of low Vitamin C, many of them can also be symptoms of something more serious. It is important that you rule out any major health concerns before you decide that you need a Vitamin C supplement. There are numerous benefits to taking Vitamin C, and there are problems that occur when you do not have enough in your body.

You have to understand that your body needs vitamins in order to survive. The problem is that most of today’s foods and diets do not provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients for the body. The way the food is stored and prepared can eliminate much of the vitamin content before it is ever eaten. This leaves most people with the need to supplement their vitamins. If you find that you have Vitamin C deficiency symptoms and you have no health issue that could cause those symptoms, make sure that you buy a supplement to take. You will find that you not only eliminate the symptoms, you also reap the benefits of the vitamin.