The Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

Chances are you have seen it around, but do you really know the benefits of Vitamin E oil? Since Vitamin E is a necessary nutrient for the body, it is easy to understand why you must make sure that you intake enough throughout the day to keep your body working at top speed. However, what does the oil provide for you? You do not ingest it so it does not work on your body the same way that supplements or a diet with plenty of Vitamin E would. The simple fact is that Vitamin E oil works exactly how you would imagine it to. It works on the skin. There are several ways that it can help your skin.


One of the pitfalls of aging is losing the elasticity of your skin. It becomes harder and drier. Since it is no longer flexible, it is more prone to lines and wrinkles that it may not otherwise have had an issue with. You also tend to get age spots that may appear less than attractive. Vitamin E oil can help promote the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. This will give you back much of that elasticity. Applying this oil will fight age spots and help eliminate wrinkles and lines. This is why most anti-aging creams now include Vitamin E.

Dry Skin

 Another of the benefits of Vitamin E oil comes for those who have dry skin. When you apply the oil to your skin it helps prevent it from drying out. This is accomplished because there is less loss of water and moisture with the oil. The normal oils are balanced as they should be and dry skin becomes a concern of the past.


Sunburn can be more than a pain. It can also damage your skin. Using Vitamin E oil will help to heal that damage quickly and effectively. It can offer you the relief that you want from both the pain and tenderness that you often have when you become sunburned. In addition, it helps to protect from further sun damage. Many sunscreens now use Vitamin E oil as an ingredient for that very reason. It may not be the best alternative for severe sunburn, but for minor burns it can be a handy helper.


 Most have long known about the benefits that Vitamin E can provide to scars. Both scars from wounds and acne scars can be cleared up much quicker if you opt to apply Vitamin E oil to the area regularly. It softens the skin where the scar is located and helps lighten up the marks that exist. This ensures that those scars fade much quicker than normal and the skin is regenerated as it should be.

Stretch Marks

 Pregnant women have found that the same healing power that comes with scars also comes with stretch marks. The application of Vitamin E oil will help the marks to fade faster and will even help to fight that itching that often accompanies them. It can prevent stretch marks from ever becoming a problem or help you to fight the ones that you already have.

Any type of skin problem is a potential candidate for Vitamin E oil. Whether you want to fight a skin damaging condition like psoriasis or you simply want to combat the natural process of aging, there is a chance that you will find many benefits of Vitamin E oil. The right application, a gentle massaging of the oil into the desired area and consistency will help you to fight those skin problems that plague you in a way that is both effective and healthy.




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