Finding the Right Vitamin E Foods

If you truly want to ensure that you have intake the right amount of Vitamin E, the best way to do so is to use Vitamin E foods. These are the foods high in Vitamin E that you can incorporate into your daily diet. There are a number of things on this list that range from fruits and vegetables to nuts and oils. By taking advantage of these foods and knowing how much of your daily allowance you are getting with each of them, you can quickly build your Vitamin E intake and make sure that you are meeting the recommended daily allowance without ever taking a supplement.


Not only are green leafy vegetables generally healthier for your body, they are also one of the better sources of Vitamin E. If you increase the amount of green leafy vegetables that you take in on a daily basis, then you are helping to ensure that your body has the right amount of Vitamin E to work properly. Two foods high in Vitamin E are spinach and broccoli. How much of your daily allowance you get will depend on how you take your vegetables. For instance, when you boil spinach you get approximately 10 percent of your recommended daily allowance in about one-half of a cup. If you choose raw spinach then you only get four percent in a full cup. When you think of Vitamin E foods, green leafy vegetables are definitely a way to go.


There are a variety of oils that you can use in cooking that will offer a big chunk of your needed Vitamin E.  Wheat germ oil is one of the best sources of Vitamin E. You will get one hundred percent of your recommended daily allowance by just using one serving of wheat germ oil. In comparison, sunflower oil offers 28 percent per serving while corn oil only offers 10 percent. The lowest is soybean oil at 6 percent of your recommended daily allowance per serving.


Nuts are among the many foods high in Vitamin E. In fact, nuts are an excellent source of Vitamin E and many provide far more than you will need in a day. When you are looking for sources of Vitamin E that can give you what you need rather quickly, almonds are an attractive choice. Not only are they pleasurable, almonds offer 250 percent of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin E in a cup. Peanuts come in a close second with 67 percent per cup. Hazelnuts offer 22 percent in an ounce. You can even opt for peanut butter and get about 15 percent of your daily allowance in two tablespoons.


There are a number of fruits that are viable sources of Vitamin E even if they do not offer the same high amounts that you can find in oils and nuts. Tomatoes will give you four percent in one medium raw tomato, while canned tomatoes offer substantially more per serving. Having a medium kiwi will ensure that you get six percent of your daily allowance. One-half a cup of mango will give you four percent.

While you can easily break down the categories of Vitamin E foods that are most nutrient-rich, there are still others that provide a portion with each serving. If you use paprika in your cooking then you are adding Vitamin E to your diet. Even potato chips have a percentage of Vitamin E in them. The simple fact is that it is simple to have a diet rich in Vitamin E. Choosing foods high in Vitamin E will help your body stay strong and healthy while eliminating the need for supplements. You simply have to know which foods are the best to select and you are on your way to meeting your recommended daily allowance.




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